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There are many ways you can get involved with Music in the Woods. You can choose to be a part of Projects Series or simply make a tax deductible donation to MITW.

Volunteer opportunities and places on the board are available. Please contact for more info. 

*if button doesn't work, please use contact form to donate.  

A Fun Way to Donate: 

Attend the Project Series


Project Series, a research project featuring weekly private concerts and open discussion is now taking place at the Treetops Studio for the Performing Arts for the 2017-2018 season. The aim of Project Series is to discover what it takes for the artist to achieve the zone of highest level performance. Special conversation, historical facts, refreshments and a questionnaire are included as part of your visit.

A minimum $10 suggested donation is directly given to the Angel Program of Music in the Woods,       to enrich education and  the lives of our community through music. For more about the Angel Program info click here. 




Volunteer Opportunities

be a helping hand

·      Ticket selling

·      Stage hand during concerts

·      Sending out emails for meetings and concerts.

·      Bringing food to teacher sessions.

·      Wine – getting donations from liquor vendors

·      Food – bringing food (wine, cookies, cheese, and nuts) to all MITW events

·      Publicity – Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

·      Putting up posters, sending snail mail and emails

·      During concerts 2-3 people conducting traffic with umbrellas.

·      Volunteers at mentoring sessions for overseeing, pick up from train station and food.

·      Getting list of audience and meetings.

·      Fundraiser committee

·      Help at nonprofit partnerships moving chairs, hosting and doing miscellaneous task.

·      Finding someone for website design as well as brochure design.

·      Photographer at sessions: Meetings, concerts, mentoring sessions

·      Hosting Families for musicians for one week