Frequently Asked Questions:

How will I get there? 

Music in the Woods is conveniently located off I-95 and Meritt Parkways. Average driving distance from New York City is around 1 hour. 

How do I buy a ticket? 

Ticket purchases can be reserved by calling 203.614.9084, or by emailing us at 

Why does it matter? 

A ticket bought today goes a long way in a making a difference in someones life by opening music into their lives.

What makes Music in the Woods unique? 

Music in the Woods is nestled in Mianus State River Park, surrounded by big beautiful trees, three million daffodils and some of the the most sought after musicians make it a unique and welcoming place. 

How can I contribute?

One way to contribute is simply attend these concerts the third weekend of the month, starting September. Call 203.614.9084, and make a reservation, knowing all proceeds are a tax deductible donation for the Angel Program

What is the Angel Program?

The Angel Program will send out musicians to help community or individual causes.  Through live music, anyone who needs help, whether it be a non-profit organization that needs funding, a school that would benefit from a music education workshop, an immobilized individual, or in hospice care, our empathetic Angels are at your service.

Are purchases tax deductible?

Yes, all purchases made online or through the phone is 100% tax deductible.